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500+ Social Bookmarking sites for Link building 2018

I am passionate about digital marketing with over 5 years of SEO experience. I worked in various industries and helped them achieve the best ranking for their targeted keywords. Proven results are quality back linking and page factors.

If you expect your content to be viral or at least get the traffic you want without doing anything other than pressing the "Publish" button, you're wrong. There are many ways to help people find their content - social media is the preferred method, but bookmarking is still useful, if used correctly.

When it comes to content promotion, not only do you have to use a wide variety of channels, you need to have a strategy. As part of their strategy, as well as their promotional arsenal, social bookmarking sites should not be overlooked. Of course, you still have to participate in social networks, as well as have a rigorous dissemination strategy, but social bookmarking sites are still an effective way to put your content in front of people who are interested in your industry, products and services. Therefore, these should be implemented in your SEO and in the content promotion strategy.

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